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High end outdoor casual furniture takes abuse in the Arizona elements. We can assist in frame revitalization, cushion care, and general cleaning.



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We use only products and cleaners that are recommended for the care of outdoor furniture. We do not use harmful chemicals, oils, lacquers, thinners, or any quick-fix items that may harm your outdoor furniture. 

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We are an Arizona based family owned company that specializes in the revitalization of high end outdoor casual furniture. We believe in our motto, "RENEW, REUSE, RELIVE". Why? Because honestly, outdoor furniture can be VERY expensive. You bought this furniture for a few reasons; it is comfortable, it looks great, and it will last you a long time. Allow us to help you protect your investment. The reason it will last is because it is made of high quality materials such as Sunbrella fabrics and high grade, powdercoated aluminum. The Arizona elements such as the intense heat, hard water, and dryness of the air, wreak havoc on the best of any materials. Periodic maintenance of your outdoor furniture is crucial to the life of your furniture. The products that we use to clean your furniture are specifically recommended for outdoor furniture. The products that we use are well known in the industry to assist in the life of your furniture and to keep it looking great. We want every customer to be satisfied and feel that YOU DESERVE THE BEST SERVICE THAT YOU AND YOUR FURNITURE CAN DEPEND ON.